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Stackable Plastic Pallet

1200 x 1000 heavy duty full perimeter base plastic pallet supplier


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1200 x 1000 heavy duty full perimeter base plastic pallet supplier 


Product Description

Foldable Large Container ,plastic pallet bin , plastic pallet bin , Folding Box Pallet, Folding Box Pallet, Foldable Large Container crate, Collapsable Bulk Box, Plastic Foldable Large Contain20141113_140304.jpg

ItemFull perimeter flat pallet
typesolid deck
dynamic load 1500kg
static load 6000kg

Pallet Feature:

High load-bearing capacity

Space saving design to maximise warehouse space

Extremely tough, resistant to acids, chemicals, solvents

Conforms to exportation standards without any treatment



Pallet Using

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  • Telescoping Double legs provide twice the forklift damage protection of common single walled pallets

  • Innovative Ratchet Fastening System: 2 – 3 times stronger than welded or snap construction

  • Gas-Assist Molding Process combines a smooth finish with superior stiffness and outstanding impact properties

  • Highly Durable, Easy to Clean and Hygienic

  • Unique Lower Deck Design includes first ever pallet jack guide that prevents related damage

  • 4-way Entry for forklift and pallet jacks

  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Industrial, logistic transport,Transport packages,Food and Beverage application


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