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1200x1000x810mm collapsible pallet box suitable for fruits and vegetables

Source:www.cnplasticpallet.com | Updated: Sep 26, 2018

1200x1000x810mm collapsible pallet box suitable for fruits and vegetables

1. 1200x1000x810mm box with cover: 

4 (2).jpg

1.Product name: 1210  foldable vented bin (LT-1210)

2.External size:1200x1000x810mm

3.Internal size:1110x910x660mm 

4. Foldable size: 1200x1000x290mm

5. Box Weight:43kg   Lid weight: 6.6kg(optional)     Material:100% virgin HDPE

6. Forklift entry:4 ways

7. Load capacity: Dynamic load 1000kg, Static load 4000kg in single use

8. Feature: foldable, stackable(5 pcs) ,surface vented or solid at your option

2. Container Feature:

High Return Ratio-Fold to nearly a third of the space when empty

HDPE material can withstand the high UV rays

Drop Gates front and back- Fruit, Vegetables, meat and parts can be loaded quickly and easily

Self-locking sides with wide Handles- Easy assembly and disassembly by a single person

Safety Features- Friction pads on skids and vase and racking recess locators in skids

Stacking Strength & Durability - Can be stacked 5-high to save floor space


3. collapsible pallet box Stock and shipping 

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